We have close relationships with our candidates and principals

We have close relationships with our candidates and principals. This allows us to form a well-rounded understanding of candidates’ suitability beyond their specific professional skills. We believe that matching candidates to principals on personality and working style is crucial to the success of placements in private residences. 

We believe in quality over quantity, which is why you won’t receive dozens of options from us whenever you ask us to fill a position. We aim to put forward no more than three candidates in the first instance. Candidates put forward will be those who have truly impressed us, whom we believe to be the best fit for your home. 

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What They Say

Melody was great! She helped pair me with a great job and was so helpful. She called me several times to check in and make sure everything was going well and I was comfortable in the new position. She did a great job and I am so grateful for her help.

Carla Brown